Hottest Men of Insta #1


Hell on wheels. 800 lbs. 2,300 cc of hog. We’ve been prepping RAMPAGE now for over a year. Production finally starts shooting in 4 weeks. This two wheel mayhem causer will be one of my rides in the film. We’ll matte black everything and beat it up. It’s a little too clean right now we’ll get it there. Thank you #TriumphMotorcycles for delivering the Rocket 3 beast to our Ballers set. We shoot RAMPAGE in Chicago and Atlanta so if the good people of those great cities see me riding around on this, then throw a ✌?sign and say “what up Rock daddeh”. But don’t expect me to throw a ✌?sign back because I might crash and look like an asshole. You guy’ll really gonna dig this next one. Excited to make it for you. The quintessential massive monster movie… #Rampage #HellOnWheels #LetsHaveSomeFun ✊?

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